Scienze della Formazione Primaria / Teacher Education – A five-year University Degree in Primary and Pre-Primary Education

The Master’s Degree Course in Primary Education offers advanced theoretical and practical training in the areas of educational psychology, teaching methodologies, technology and research which together make up the professional profile of the preschool and primary school teacher. Candidates will also receive training in the contents and methods of teaching of the subjects listed in the national “Curricular Guidelines” for preschools and primary schools, as well as specific preparation for the reception and inclusion of students with disabilities.

This single-cycle five-year master’s degree seeks to develop teachers with excellent all-round competence who are capable of fostering children’s motivation, creativity and identity development, while constructing flexible and complex learning programmes for the different subject areas, with a strong emphasis on transversal learning objectives.

From the Academic Regulations of the Master’s Degree in Primary Education

General Information
Course Code: G8501R
Duration: 5 years
Years Currently Active: Years 1-5
Language of instruction: Italian