Human Resource Development

The Master’s Degree Course in Human Resource Development is designed to form experts with a strong background in the theoretical models, instruments and technologies of training and development, combined with in-depth knowledge of the functioning of companies and organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Candidates will thus acquire competence in the theory and methods of adult training and development (from a lifelong learning perspective), combined on the one hand with organizational analysis skills, and on the other with expertise in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

More specifically, the aim of the course is to prepare highly specialized professional figures with the ability to:

  1. foster, design and manage human resource development processes that are in keeping with both individual needs and those of the organizational – and broader socio-economic – context,
  2. interface and work in coordination with other key organizational functions from all areas of the organization,
  3. take into account cultural difference, including in relation to gender,
  4. operate in scenarios characterized by a strong degree of internationalization.

From the Academic Regulations of the Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Development

General Information
Course Code: F5701R
Duration: 2 years
Years Currently Active: Years 1-2
Language of instruction: Italian