The Master’s Degree Course in Education is designed to promote the development of specialized educational competences, offering a background in theories and models of educational counseling, educational management and philosophical counseling as these apply to the areas of care – in relation to disadvantage as well as to normal education/training processes -, services to individuals and communities, and organizational processes – in contexts ranging from companies to residential care facilities to schools etc.

Thus, candidates will acquire knowledge, in-depth understanding and skills enabling them to design and evaluate educational services and interventions, interpret problems affecting education and training processes, and draw on appropriate methods and instruments to deliver counseling intervention and manage organizational contexts.

The aim of the course is to form – as the outcome of a significant body of coursework comprising lectures, laboratories, and internships – professional figures for the education and training sectors who possess a solid general grounding in educational issues and theories as well as specific knowledge of the contexts in which this general knowledge is applied. These expert figures will be able to provide educational counseling, manage and coordinate services and organizations in the fields of education, training, care and welfare, and offer reflective and existential counseling to both individuals and groups, including in situations of disadvantage.

From the Academic Regulations of the Master’s Degree in Education

General Information
Course Code: F8501R
Duration: 2 years
Years Currently Active: Years 1-2
Language of instruction: Italian