Intercultural Communication

The Bachelor’s Degree Course in Intercultural Communication has the overall aim of providing students with a general background in the theory and methods of communication. In keeping with current European directives on the evaluation of educational programmes and their expected outcomes, this degree course enables candidates to acquire in-depth knowledge of the core aspects of communication and their application, and to develop the capacity for independent judgment, as well as the skills required to communicate the knowledge acquired and put it into practice.

Course disciplines are drawn from the following macro-areas:

  1. linguistic-literary;
  2. historical-philosophical-geographical-anthropological;
  3. human science- and communications-related.

The course’s multidisciplinary nature and the variety of theoretical-methodological approaches it offers are underpinned by recognition of the crucial and complex role played by communication processes in contemporary society, which in turn is related to the introduction of new technologies, intensification of the globalization process and the increasingly multicultural character of our society.

From the Academic Regulations of the Bachelor’s Degree in Intercultural Communication

General Information
Course Code: E2001R
Duration: 3 years
Years Currently Active: Years 1-3
Language of instruction: Italian