The Bachelor’s Degree Course in Education provides students with a solid grounding in the epistemology, theory and history of education, as well as in the methodological expertise required to assess educational problems in a variety of professional roles, including early childhood educator, educator in residential care facilities or local area services, adult educator.

The course prepares candidates to carry out educational work – except for school teaching – with all age groups and all types of subject: the phenomenology of education is examined in relation to a wide range of contexts, from disadvantage to marginalization, from individual fragility to cultural integration, and from gender differences to methods of learning, from a multidisciplinary perspective that takes into account the peculiar educational characteristics of the different settings and the different social actors involved in each.

Students are stimulated to develop the capacity to analyze problems that arise in the course of educational work, using methods based on reflection, observation and communication, and instruments ranging from aesthetic and artistic experience to the new media, with a strong emphasis on oral and written documentation at all phases of the educational process.

Throughout the three years of the degree programme, interdisciplinary laboratories will represent a significant part of the coursework, giving students the opportunity to explore the relationship between their theoretical and methodological learning and practical/applied activities.

From the Academic Regulations of the Bachelor’s Degree in Education

General Information
Course Code: E1901R
Duration: 3 years
Years Currently Active: Years 1-3
Language of instruction: Italian