The Student’s Guide to the Department

The guide is an orientation tool that provides information about the Department’s structure and services.

For information concerning their chosen course of studies, students are invited to refer to the Academic Regulations issued for their own degree course in their own year of enrolment.


Newcomers to the department may find it useful to start from this Introduction to the Department.

Teaching and Research Staff

Click here for the Directory of Teaching and Research Staff Teaching and Research Staff.

List of Degree Courses

The Home Page of each of the degree courses contains links to all information about the organizational aspects of the course and all communications concerning it. For detailed information concerning course content and rules, students are invited to read the Academic Regulations.

Education (Bachelor’s Degree)

Home Page – Academic Regulations

Intercultural Communication

Home Page – Academic Regulations

Primary Education

Home Page – Academic Regulations

Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences

Home Page – Academic Regulations

Education (Master’s Degree)

Home Page – Academic Regulations

Human Resource Development

Home Page – Academic Regulations

Erasmus Programme and International Mobility

Studying abroad Internationalization Committee