Public Engagement

“Public Engagement” encompasses all the activities undertaken by the university that offer educational, cultural or development benefits to society.

The university’s research efforts and the outcomes attained may be communicated and shared with the broader community in multiple ways, of which the following are a sample:

  • educational publications produced by the university’s academic staff for Italian or international audiences;;
  • participation of academic staff in national and international radio/television programmes;
  • active participation in public events organized by third parties (e.g., science coffee mornings, festivals, science exhibitions, etc.);
  • organization of public events (e.g. Researchers’ Night, open days);
  • publications (print and digital) targeting the broader community (e.g., university magazine);
  • communications skills training days (targeting parent-teacher associations or teachers);
  • interactive and/or educational websites, blogs;
  • enjoyment of university museums, hospitals, sports facilities, libraries, theatres and historical buildings by the general public;
  • organization of open concerts, exhibitions and other events of interest and benefit to the broader community;
  • participation in public policy-making;
  • participation in committees with responsibility for the definition of technical standards and norms;
  • health awareness projects (e.g., information and prevention days);
  • collaboration with local authorities on urban and local area development projects;
  • interaction with upper secondary schools, including orientation projects;
  • projects targeting children and youth;
  • participatory democracy initiatives (e.g., consensus conferences, citizen panels).