Animation and musical elements in e-books: Effects on children’s general and mental understanding

Aula Seminari, Edificio U6 (DISUF) - Stanza

15/02/2018 15:00 - 15/02/2018 17:30

Dorit Aram, full professor, works at the Department of School Counseling and Special Education (School Education, Tel Aviv University) where she is Head of the Special Education Program ( She studies joint writing and storybook reading and their implications for early literacy and socio-emotional development in Hebrew and Arab communities. Addressing needs in special populations, she pays attention to parent-child dyads from low socioeconomic background and also to children with specific challenges, including hearing loss, ADHD and precocious reading. She conducts early interventions aimed at improving preschool teachers’ as well as parents’ mediation and children’s early literacy and socio-emotional development. She has published several papers in high-quality international journals.

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