Location on campus

The “R. Massa” Department of Human Sciences for Education is located in two different buildings:

Building U6 – 4th Floor

Address: Piazza dell’ Ateneo Nuovo, 1 – 20126 Milan
The Director’s Office, Department Office, Student Services, Academic Services, LISP laboratory (technology and education), and offices of academic staff are located on the fourth floor of the U6 building.

Building U16

Address: Via Thomas Mann – 20162 Milan
This building houses the Internship and Laboratory Offices, offices of academic staff, and Lab U1621.

The Department’s computer labs – LAB1631 and LAB1641 – are located on the third and fourth floors, respectively. A total of 70 PCs are available. 

To avail of the computer labs, students must present their student identity card on their first visit and set up an account. A functioning account is a prerequisite to taking part in scheduled classes at the labs.