Laboratories and Research Centres

The “Riccardo Massa” Department of Human Sciences for Education is home to a number of Laboratories and Research Centres that are actively engaged in research and training.

Bambini Bicocca: research lab for the training of early childhood educators

Bambini Bicocca was founded in 2005 as an early childhood education service for the university and surrounding area, and as a laboratory that offers training, explores innovative ways of organizing and managing early childhood facilities and conducts research on the training of early childhood educators.

HeadsSusanna Mantovani and Piera Braga


Building U16 – ground floor

CESCOM (Centre for Studies in Communication Sciences) is the outcome of over twenty years’ experience of theoretical, experimental and applied research in the psychology of communications, the psychology of emotions and cross-cultural psychology.

LISP Laboratory

Building U6 – Fourth Floor – Room 4112
Tel. 02 6448 4876

LISP (Laboratorio Informatico di Sperimentazione Pedagogica e Psicologica – ICT for Education Lab) was set up in the 2004-05 academic year as part of the former Faculty of Educational Science. The laboratory’s mission is to conduct research on the application of digital technologies to learning. It is equipped with 10 workstations and two servers for the use of academic staff, PhD students and undergraduate students participating in the Department’s research projects in this area of enquiry.

Research Laboratory for Developmental and Educational Psychology (LabPse)

Building U6 – Fourth Floor – Room 4A
Tel. 02 6448 4852

The Research Laboratory for Developmental and Educational Psychology is dedicated to the study of the developmental mechanisms involved in children’s acquisition of theory-of-mind and socio-emotional competences. It also draws on evidence-based findings to develop intervention programmes to be implemented at home, in schools and in other educational settings, in order to promote children’s cognitive, socio-emotional and relational skills.

HeadIlaria Grazzani

RobotiCSS Lab

The RobotiCSS Lab – Laboratory of Robotics for the Cognitive and Social Sciences – is devoted to the methodological and epistemological analysis of the social and scientific applications of robotics.

HeadEdoardo Datteri


VIOLE-LAB is an educational laboratory on violence against children. A group of academic researchers in the educational field, with the involvement of eight universities, conceived and promoted it. In order to contrast violence against children and safeguard children’s rights it promotes research, training and measures.

Head: Elisabetta Biffi


The research group “PLURAL-MENTE” – Laboratorio di Filosofia e Psicologia della Soggettività e delle Relazioni – promotes in-depth studies about the complex interactions between philosophy and psychology in their different disciplinary branches.