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Incoming Students

Dear Student,

hereby you can find information about exchange programs provided by the Department of Human Sciences for Education. For more information about your stay, please visit the University website.

Erasmus+ – Our Department has signed bilateral agreements with about eighty Universities and one hundred BA/MA/Ph.D. courses and offers two hundred grants a year for incoming students.

Marco Polo Program – An ad hoc program for Chinese students.

Summer/Winter Schools – Programs designed to enrich students’ academic lives by providing an exciting and educational international experience.

Discover which courses you may take as a visiting Erasmus or international student at our Department (LINK).

All the administrative procedures about the Erasmus+ mobilty are managed by Bicocca International Office. You can contact this office and visit its website for the information about application, admission, accomodation booking, enrollment, Italian language courses, etc.

As a visiting international or Erasmus exchange student at our Department, you will be able to choose among the 150 modules making up our degree programmes. You may select courses from a wide range of subject areas to fit your study and research interests.

The majority of our courses are taught through Italian, but in many cases Erasmus students are offered the opportunity to define an English-language study programme with the lecturer in charge of a given module and to take the relative examination in English or another EU language.

As an additional offer dedicated to incoming students, from 2024-2025 (second semester), the Department activates a package of 4 courses taught entirely in English. This package will award 32 ECTS covering a wide range of multidisciplinary knowledge and skills. 

  • Cultures and Societies of Asia 8 ECTS (teacher: Silvia Vignato)
  • Training and Research Methods in the Humanities 8 ECTS (teachers: Andrea Galimberti, Paolo Monti, Claudia Bonsi)
  • Arts and media in Education 8 ECTS (teachers: Chiara Carla Montà, Federica Pallavicini, Eleonora Farina, Davide Cino)
  • Social inclusion and public value 8 ECTS (teachers: Stefano Pippa, Alice Bellagamba, Guido Veronesi, Davide Diamantini)

This multidisciplinarity can give incoming students a glimpse of the studies and training offered by our Department, therefore we strongly recommend that incoming students include these courses in their career plan at UNIMIB.