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Courses in English

The following courses will be held in English:

As an additional offer dedicated to incoming students, from 2024-2025 (second semester), the Department activates a package of 4 courses taught entirely in English. This package will award 32 ECTS covering a wide range of multidisciplinary knowledge and skills. 

  • Cultures and Societies of Asia 8 ECTS (teacher: Silvia Vignato)
  • Training and Research Methods in the Humanities 8 ECTS (teachers: Andrea Galimberti, Paolo Monti, Claudia Bonsi)
  • Arts and media in Education 8 ECTS (teachers: Chiara Carla Montà, Federica Pallavicini, Eleonora Farina, Davide Cino)
  • Social inclusion and public value 8 ECTS (teachers: Stefano Pippa, Alice Bellagamba, Guido Veronesi, Davide Diamantini)

This multidisciplinarity can give incoming students a glimpse of the studies and training offered by our Department, therefore we strongly recommend that incoming students include these courses in their career plan at UNIMIB.